March 12, 2010

Best Yoga Poses To Gain Morning Energy

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Best Yoga Poses To Gain Morning Energy

Spring is approaching, wake up with the sun. Want to start your spring off right? Wake up a little earlier and get in some morning yoga to energize your mind and body and get you ready for the day.

We have made it easy for you, the following list of resources and links can help get your new spring regiment going.

Whole Living highlights six morning yoga poses in their Gentle Yoga Poses web page. They feature poses that energize the body without overheating it. It is a great 30 minute morning workout.

eHow’s site has a free instructional video series led by Elizabeth Rose, a registered Hatha yoga teacher. The page has 15 different yoga poses, all to build up morning energy.

How do you get energy in the morning?

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-Dara Wong


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