March 19, 2010

Why not use a fit ball as a desk chair?

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We all know that it is difficult to sit in the office for 8 hours, why not make it a little easier on yourself by getting in a little exercise while doing so? Just by switching from a desk chair to an exercise ball, you can get a little workout in.

Determining what size exercise ball to get:

The B Independent website has a great exercise ball buying guide. One major rule they talk about is The 90-degree rule: When you are seated on the ball, feet flat on the floor, you want your hips and knees to form a 90 degree angle with one another.

I have learned that to fit it to your office desk you also need to account for your elbow angles. When sitting at a desk, put your hands on your desk as if you were typing on the keyboard. You want your elbows to be at angles larger than 90 degrees so that your wrists are lower than your elbows. Otherwise you will start to feel pressure in your shoulder when reaching for the mouse. At the same time you will start to lean forward into your desk and your forearms will start to hold your body up instead of your abs.

Benefits to using a fit ball as a desk chair:

There are many reasons to switch, Geoff R highlights 10 reasons why one should use an exercise ball as a chair in his article. You may not realize that it also improves your circulation and develops balance.

It is important to ease into switching from chair to ball. At first you may feel pressure and soreness in your lower back, so begin by using it only a few hours a day.


1. Contract your abdominal muscles, hold them there for a few seconds, then release. Do this all day long while you are in your chair.

2. Raise your legs on to the balls of your feet and set them down. Repeat until your legs are comfortably tired. Repeat 10 minutes later. Do this whole routine for about an hour or so. This will exercise your calves.

Gear Fire mentions other exercises that you can do while sitting at your desk.

Who can say no to effortless exercise?
-Dara Wong


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  1. Poppy said,

    I sit on a ball at my desk – but this info takes it to a new level! I”ll try those exercises! Thanks for the tips!

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