June 1, 2010

My Nemesis

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Dara Wong

Dara Wong

On my normal 5.37-mile run last Thursday, Tonya and I had to run at high noon in 87-degree weather. Some of you may be reading this and thinking that’s nothing and others may feel for me. Keep in mind that I am from Colorado and am not exposed to brutal temperatures on a regular basis, I have thick dark brown hair, and I am a swimmer so I am used to being in cool water. You could say I am prone to over heating. Tonya claims that she finally found my nemesis, HEAT! While on the run I started getting super hot, the sun was fierce and I had not eaten or had much water that morning. With about two miles left to go and a steep hill, I knew I was at my breaking point. I figured I had to get back to the office some how and I would rather do it in a timely manner, so I kept running. About a mile left to go and all I wanted to do was collapse and lay in the shady grassy patches to my left. Tonya was long gone by now. Two ladies that walked by me told me that Tonya said to hurry up. I knew I had nothing left but I finally made it. Sweating profusely and still breathing heavily after hanging around in the office for 10 minutes made me realize I probably had some kind of heat exhaustion. I jumped in the shower and after a while I began to cool down. I knew at that point that I would never run under those circumstances again! I know I cannot control the weather but I can make some improvements in order to prepare for it.  Wearing a hat and carrying a small water bottle are a few things I can do. With Tonya out of town for the next week, I dreaded the next days run that I had to do by myself. However, it pushed me even more to get up in the morning and run. I was determined to finish my workweek off with a good run. Success!

Let hard workouts fuel you for the next training session!

27 days left till the SheRox Triathlon

Dara Wong


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