August 4, 2011

Yoga in the Park!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:18 pm by Stonewear Designs

Wow…where has this summer gone? About this time of year – every year – I find myself asking that same question. This summer in particular has seemed very busy and quick. Luckily, the ladies of Stonewear Designs have been able to enjoy some amazing – AND FREE – “Yoga in the Park” classes offered here in Denver by Nancy Levenson and Namaste Works Yoga. We attended the first class in June and have been returning every so often throughout the summer to enjoy the class and find escape from our busy summer schedules. How many times do you get to “open your heart” to the actual sun and sky? Our time at Yoga in the Park has been wonderful. We started checking around and found that many cities offer similar yoga events. If in the Denver area, we hope you can swing by one of Nancy’s Yoga in the Park classes…and hope everyone, no matter where you reside, can take advantage of similar happenings. Novice, advanced…doesn’t matter…what a great way to relax and recharge. A huge thanks for all that help put on these events. Below are some links to various Yoga in the Park classes around the country.  I’m sure we are missing many, many other classes that are available…we just did a quick internet search. If you are aware of any classes that you want people to know about, please post on our Facebook page.
Enjoy the remainder of the summer and hope you are excited for the autumn season that is fast approaching!!!

Des Moines
– Claudine Campbell, Stonewear Designs


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