February 17, 2012

Spring 2012 Collection is Now Available!

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Stonewear Designs’s Spring 2012 collection is finally here! Below is a sneak peak of our Spring collection that is now available on the website. Check out the website so you can be the first to show off our beautiful new Carousel print and our new Kaia Halter Top!

With the fabulous fabrics we discover, Stonewear Designs creates separates that cross-coordinate through style, colors, and pattern. Our tops and pants are designed to flatter every woman’s shape. Our Spring palette blooms new pastels reflecting the rows of blooming tulips in Holland, hand-picked for all skin tones. This Spring, we chose one print- “Carousel”- inspired by an old merry-go-round gently whirling in a Parisian park.

Think: vintage wooden horses, magical tinkly music, shiny brass rings.

At Stonewear Designs, the fabrics we choose are so soft and luxurious, you can’t wait to slip into them. They endure the journey with you – wicking moisture, drying fast, and holding their shape. We take the time to carefully choose only the fabrics that bring out the best in our clothing, that serve the environment wherever possible with organics and other eco-conscious blends, and that support the endless work you’re doing to flourish as a remarkable, strong, and empowered woman.



November 10, 2011

Sexy in Six Boot Camp Challenge Completed…But Is It Really Over?

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Here at Stonewear Designs, the ladies have finally finished our boot camp challenge, Sexy in Six Weeks led by Sabrina Domenosky. Six weeks of daily work outs, no sugar, no starches and mostly no carbohydrates… but we all feel great! The first few weeks were such a challenge, a deprivation of our comfort food really. After that, we started getting used to our new routines and it was no longer a struggle to get through the day. Now after six weeks, we no longer are forced to complete a boot camp challenge but have found a new way of living our lives. We have become more fit with a consistent daily workout routine and we now know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.  Plus we’ve put the Stonewear Designs clothes to good use and discovered new product ideas. We also have decided not to stop until we have reached our goals. The challenge hasn’t been just about the weight loss but a new healthy way to live. Even though the six weeks are over we have a new way of living a healthy lifestyle that will always stick with us.

During the last weeks of our challenge Sabrina came to our office to give us a personal workout. Brad Clement of Spindrift Films and coincidentally the husband of our personal Drill Sergeant Tonya filmed it. Above is the video and you can see us put our Stonewear Designs to good use while we get our butt’s kicked by Sabrina!

If you’re interested in taking on the challenge and experiencing a change in your lifestyle, please visit www.sexyinsixweeks.com and enter the code stonewear50 to receive 50% off!

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the workout with Sabrina:

1.  “Thank god we found those rice cakes.”
– Linda

2.  “The best part of the program is the cheat meal.”
– Tonya

3.  “I’m not eating the blue corn chips with my hummus…I’ve converted to peppers.”
– Tonya

4.  “I think she’s lost more than 8 pounds since she started.”
– Tonya talking about Linda

5.  “You’re only filming the first 5 minutes right?
– Linda
“Nope I’m filming the whole thing.”
– Brad Clement

6.  “I can tell you’ve all lost weight…. all of your faces look slimmer.” 
– Brad Clement who sees the Stonewear women on a regular basis

May 24, 2010

Stonewear’s Next Top Model

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When I was asked a few weeks ago if I wanted to model in the upcoming catalog for Stonewear Designs, I automatically answered yes without even thinking about what I was getting myself into. After getting the chance to let the agreement sink in, I started thinking about how I have never modeled before, how I don’t think I am very photogenic, and how my body is not at the ideal weight I want it to be…Then panic started to overcome me. However, the greatest part about being a Stonewear model is that we want “regular” people. Our catalog’s purpose is to show that we fit every body. Although I did feel pressure to eat well and not get tan lines, I thought it would be a cool  experience.

At first, it was a little weird getting used to the crew watching you pose and comment about what they like or don’t like. As a model, I had to keep in mind that the clothes were what we were trying to highlight and I was just the object in them. However, it was extremely nice getting pampered with hair and makeup as I found myself not having to make any decisions. I was put in the outfits the designer chose, I was told what positions to pose in, and I even had someone run over to me and fix my hair or pull a thread off of me. I think I could get used to this being queen for a day thing!

Because I am an employee for Stonewear, I got a behind the scenes look at what it was like to model and the logistics that went into the shoot. Being the bubbly happy person that I am, I knew that smiling for long amounts of time was not going to be too difficult but I was not expecting to test my multi-tasking abilities. A specific shot sticks out in my mind that seemed simple enough but to achieve the right shot was actually quite difficult. I had to hold a hose that they wanted me to spray so that we could get the glistening water in the photo. When I think about how the lighting, props, and poses all effect the shot, it made me aware of how much goes into each photo. Once we were satisfied with the composition, I had to put enough pressure on the hose so that it sprayed the perfect amount of water out while pointing it towards the photographer without spraying the equipment and starting a fire. Two hundred photos later and we were satisfied with some of the shots. If you don’t think this sounds hard, then think about holding that pose for 200 photos worth!

With this great opportunity, I wanted to see what the models did in their normal lives. Often I catch myself looking at a magazine or catalog and not realizing that the models are just like everyday people and that we sometimes put them on a pedestal because they are beautiful. In this catalog, we used four female models total, including me. Shannon, a model from earlier Stonewear catalog seasons, also runs a business called Camelflage. It is a women’s panty company designed to smooth out “Camel Toe” under clothes. Brilliant!! Erin styles hair at a salon in Greeley, CO when she is off camera, and Brooke works in the Nordstrom corporate office in Park Meadows. It was a pleasure to spend time and get to know these women since all were beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

All in all, it was hard work, long hours, and great fun.

Ever thought about modeling?

-Dara Wong

April 20, 2010

Life Changing Experiences

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It was 2004 that I had my first serious climbing accident. It just so happened that I was 40 years old, on lead, 15 feet above my last piece of poor protection and on a route named Over the Hill.  Can it get any worse than that?  I was pushing my limits to the max.  Thank goodness the gal that had me on belay was paying attention as she arrested my fall and prevented me from hitting the ground.  I sustained a mild concussion (it looked worse than it was), two black eyes, and a lot of ugly wounds.  My rescuer was Megan, a supporter and fan of the HERA Foundation and my supporter. To show my appreciation I attended one of her slide shows at Outdoor Divas where she showed photos of her 100 for HERA climb in Yosemite.  The goal was to climb 100 pitches and raise money for HERA.

It was at this event that I met the founder of the HERA, Ms. Sean Patrick.  Sean was the most vivacious and inspiring woman I had ever met, and unless I heard her speak at this event, I would not have known that she was fighting for her life.

When Sean reported to her doctor that she did not feel right, he promptly wrote it off to stress and encouraged her to get a hobby.  The symptoms were nothing more than what every woman encounters at least once a day: bloating, gas, urinary frequency, unusual fatigue and unexplained weight loss/gain.  You get the point.  She persisted to seek second opinions, which most women do not do, and sadly learned that she had stage 4 ovarian cancer and a 5% chance of survival.  She was told she would live five more years if she were lucky. Sean promptly called her original doctor to let him know she got a hobby and it was called, OVARIAN CANCER!  Had her doctor taken her seriously, the cancer would have been uncovered in stage one and she would be with us today.

Sean decided then and there to start the Climb 4 Life program.  She wanted to help women seek higher levels of self-esteem by getting them to step out of their comfort zones and to push their bodies to new levels.  She believed that climbing, like riding a horse, empowers women to feel strong.  Strong bodies build strong minds that result in strong women who will not think twice to question their doctor’s diagnosis.  There are now on average four Climb 4 Life events a year with the next one taking place the weekend of June 11th in our backyard, Boulder, Colorado.

I am proud to work for Stonewear Designs and sponsor these climbs by outfitting the volunteers in our sport tops. We also add hang tags to all of our garments with the early detection signs for ovarian cancer hoping to increase awareness.  I invite you to attend one of my upcoming slide shows at REI in Boulder CO or Denver CO.  I will be presenting the story of my climb of Mt. Everest whereby I stepped out of my comfort zone at the age of 42 to join the Everest Peace Project that my husband was hired to film.  It was on this climb that I met Brad and we married two years later.  Join us at one of these events, as our goal is to encourage you to sign up for the Climb 4 Life!

-Tonya Clement

April 16, 2010

Climbing To New Heights

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Linda at Movement Climbing Gym in Boulder, CO

As a recent addition to the Stonewear Designs Family I have begun to embrace our philosophy of We Fit Every Body.

All employees are encouraged to test their limits by achieving an athletic feat be it large or small.  I was asked, along with our accountant Sandy, if we would attempt to scale a wall at a local Climbing Gym. With some trepidation we said, “Oh, Sure”.

On the day of the climb I donned my Stonewear Slit Crop Pant for comfort and maximum coverage. “You never know who might be lookin up”.

At first glance the 40 foot high behemoth was a little daunting yet exhilarating. With the hug of my harness and the tug of the rope and complete confidence in my Belayer Casey, I began my accent.

On the first try I made the mistake of looking down half way up the wall. I quickly suggested that I needed the touch of Terra Firma. My next attempt involved a lot of huffing and puffing but I was able to tap the ceiling with great pride. Sandy and I tried a few more routes that day and felt more comfortable in our skin.

The next day the tale of our accomplishment outweighed any soreness we may have felt.

By the way, did I mention I am a Rubenesque woman of Fifty who on occasion steps outside the box. On this day, I literally reached new heights!

What feat will you try next?

-Linda Farley (Customer Service Rep)