April 30, 2010

Tri Sprinting

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From all of your support and encouragement, I have officially gotten myself to sign up for not only one triathlon but two. When I began searching online for the perfect beginner sprint triathlon, I suddenly zoned out. 10 minutes later I regained consciousness sitting in front of my computer with my wallet out and a confirmation receipt on my screen stating that I am now registered for the SheRox Triathlon, June 27th and the Tri For the Cure Triathlon, August 1st. Wow! Realizing what I had just done I started to panic since I am in no shape to not only race two, but that I have about 9 weeks to get ready for the first race. I urge any readers to race with me!

You better believe that if I am going to spend the time, money, and effort into participating in these death races, that I am going to try my hardest. I already know it’s going to hurt, so now that I am over that mentality, I can get to business. With my new mindset I decide its time to start training with a goal in mind. I am going to finish the first race and kick butt in the second.

This week my training looked something like this:

On Sunday, I hopped on my bike thinking I’ll take a nice fun ride outside. About 2 hours and 30 miles later I am sitting at home unable to walk to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Monday, I swam with the DU masters team that I usually practice with twice a week. Of course this practice was not the short sprint work it had been recently. No, this practice was distance and endurance focused. Although I knew this would be good for my swimming leg of the triathlon, it hurt nonetheless.

Tuesday, I agreed to run with coworker, Tonya Clement, who ran for the CU track team, on average runs about 30-40 miles a week, and is an avid climber who has even concurred the summit of Everest. So you can see how nervous I was to agree to this. She claims she goes at a slow pace and that I can stop and walk when I need to. However I knew going into it that I am way too competitive and won’t allow myself to walk. Surprisingly, the 5.4-mile run turned out to be doable. Normally I stop myself at 3 miles on the treadmill because I get bored and can’t get myself past that mental barrier, however the landscape, conversation and the company kept me going.

Wednesday, was my day off since I know it is important to rest and recover when training for these sorts of things.

Thursday, I ran again and with the confidence I had from Tuesday I ran about 4.5 miles on the treadmill since Colorado decided it was a good idea to snow. The run felt easier than normal and I even got a little weight training in too. With my training sessions going better than expected, I am more determined and excited to race again.

With all the excitement and improvements in my training, I have even taken the next step in purchasing a Zoot Tri Racesuit. My next piece of gear will be a wet suit, which will give me great advantage in the cold open water. The trick is to find a reasonably priced wet suit. Suggestions?

Stay Tuned for my progress

-Dara Wong